When your MacBook won’t go sleep…it’s always because of Windows!

19 Nov

Recently I faced a problem when my MacBook Pro (13 inches, early 2011, Mountain Lion) don’t want to go sleep either by closing the lid or by running sleep command. What was curious about that is that I experienced the same problem with my previous MacBook Air (13 inches, mid 2011, Mountain Lion) and never solved.

But this time I was pissed off because I had fresh system and everything was working fine for few days. And then suddenly stopped.

So, I start thinking that maybe the sensor in lid is broken but hey, it doesn’t react for sleep command. Next think I did was NVRAM/PRAM reset (option + command + p + r) in case if the system thinks that some usb is plugged in, but nothing changed. Checked disk with disk utility and all was fine, cleared cache, closed all aps and still no clue. Going deeper I run syslog |grep -i "Wake reason" to find out that I’m the reason why the MBP is waking up. And to be more specific about that I also run syslog -k Sender kernel -k Message Req Wake.

During all the steps above I unchecked the option “Wake for network access” and checked if I haven’t setup any schedule for waking up. And it doesn’t matter if the power is plugged in or not.

So, what was the problem? Well, PC and Windows 8! I forgot that few days ago I turned on internet sharing via ethernet on MBP to make internet connection available on Windows 8 to install fu..ing drivers for wireless.


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Click here. Should we use it or not?

26 Aug

According to @wbednarski:

See this: click here to go straight to sign-up
I read this:
Hello potential new client! We are dumb unprofessional people living in 1995 when nobody heard about UX research. Don’t contact us!

The answer is pretty obvious, but not for everyone.

Why not to use click here as a describe text for links.

  • doesn’t say anything about what’s going to happen when you actually click here besides that you click here
  • when the link is in bunch of text you get distracted from what you’ve been reading to think about where click here takes you
  • because it’s a verb it sounds like an order and no-one likes orders
  • it’s obvious that you have to click on a link to get somewhere so what’s the reason for talking about mechanics?
  • search engines cannot indicate how important is the link and what’s the relevance of the link
  • makes you feel like you are stil in 1995
  • looks stupid both on screen and print

So are there any exeptions where we can use click here?

This is an example of navigation you should never use:

  • click here to go home page
  • click here to download the Super Book
  • click here to play music
  • click here to read about us

Instead use something like this:

  • home
  • Super Book
  • play music
  • about us

And what about links in text?

click here - bad example

Really long click here

link - good example

Shorter link with meaning

It’s not a big crime to use click here in text but … take step back and read again why not to use click here. There is no point for doing things in bad way when you can do in good way.


  • don’t force users to think what the link means
  • don’t talk about mechanics – link describes where/what you get when you “use” it not how you should “use” it
  • tell in straight way what is under the link
  • avoid verb phrases
  • try to use short text
  • don’t use click here or click or here

If above doesn’t convience you then read W3C article Don’t use “click here” as link text.


Siri so far…

6 Jul


Git bundle in Textmate 2

5 Feb

If you are using latest version of Textmate 2.0 (beta) and Git bundle is not working try those steps:

  1. Go to .bashrc and paste those lines:
  2. Continue reading 


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How to order from Google Store?

16 Jan

Honestly, I think it’s not possible. I tried 4 times and every time my order was rejected by the WorldPay. Reason? Billing address has to match to the delivery address. WoW. But, hey that’s their rules and somewhere in my mind I can understand it, even if it means that you cannot buy and send a gift to someone.

Following their rules I put the same billing and delivery address and still my order was rejected. Reason? My IP address doesn’t math to the card holder country! WTF? Everyone else can handle with frauds and other issues and google cannot? Maybe that’s because they’re an online store…

Please understand that as an online store we are regular targets of fraudsters trying to purchase goods with stolen card details.

That’s the full reply I got:

Due to security reasons, WorldPay cannot give out the exact reason as to why your payment was refunded.
I can however, give you a list of possible reasons you can run through to see if any are relevant.

Your order was refunded because WorldPay flagged it. This could have been because:

– Some of the card/personal details entered does not match the information held by your Card Issuer

– You do not have enough cleared funds on your card to cover the amount of the purchase

– Your Card Issuer referred the transaction for an authorisation code or further identity checks

– Your card has been reported as lost/stolen and been cancelled by your Card Issuer

– Your card has or is due to expire and has been replaced by your Card Issuer

– Your card has recently been replaced by your Card Issuer but not yet activated

– Your card cannot be used to pay for goods/services in a Cardholder-Not-Present environment (online/over the internet)

– There may be a problem with your Card Issuer’s authorisation system

– Billing/shipping/card issuer and IP address did not match

Shopper IP country Denmark (DK)
Card issuer country Poland (PL)

Please understand that as an online store we are regular targets of fraudsters trying to purchase goods with stolen card details.This means that we have to have certain measures in place to try and minimise our losses and to prevent any fraudulent activity taking place on your card. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I don’t accept.


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How to identify iPhone backup?

10 Nov

How to identify which iPhone backup you have in your Library when you have more than one iPhone?

First of all, iPhone backups are stored in: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup and looks like this:

This long number is your iPhone UDID, then you have date and time when the backup was taken. Now go to iTunes, if you cannot sync iPhone with Wi-Fi connect with cable and click at the top section on Serial Number and you’ll see your iPhone’s UDID.

Also if you click on:

  • Software Version get Build Version
  • Phone Number get IMEI and ICCID number

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iPhone 4s is here!

8 Nov

Today, after 17 days, two, new iPhones 4 Steve arrived. Time spent on waiting for the package was really hard, checking package status every hour and wondering why it takes up so many days if it was sent with express delivery option? I’m afraid to think how many days can takes up standard option, but whatever I have my new iPhone.


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Image gallery

3 Sep

Simple image gallery with jQuery fadeIn and fadeOut.

It’s very important to remember that fadeOut() sets up display: none to the element on which was invoked.
Download. See demo.


Web template design

1 Sep

Two web designs in html and css, from psd template


How to get data using ajax?

24 Aug

How to get data using ajax? There’s a very simple way using jQuery.ajax() function which perform an asynchronous HTTP (Ajax) request. The code should looks like this:

  url: url, //an url to get dara
  dataType: 'json', //type of data
  success: function (data) { //what to do when data retrieval is successful

This is just the basic code. More info at jqapi.